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A Review Paper on: Benefits and Challenges of DevOps Developer and Modern Era

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Nargis Jamal¹

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DevOps is the well-known modern methodology that most organizations used to optimize their business for better production and updated software. Nowadays, DevOps get popular due to many benefits such as Faster Deployment, Enhance the Entire Business, Optimizing the Software Quality, Stable Work Environment. Increase in Automation Efficiency, Improvement in Product Quality, Speed and Stability with Continuous Software Delivery, Less Cost of Production, Quick & Reliable Problem-Solving Strategies, and Teams Unity for Faster Production. To provide these benefits, the DevOps cycle plays an important role.

On the Other hand, DevOps Implementation and adoption also come across some challenges. So, the association that wanted to adopt this methodology in their companies have to tackle these challenges. Common challenges that we studied during the review articles are Toolset Clash among Dev & Ops, Difference between the Dev and Ops Mentality, Moving from Infrastructure to Microservices, High Focus on Tools, Opposition to Change.


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