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Access Control for Cyber-Physical Systems

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Shahzad Ahmed ¹and Muhammad Waqar Naeem²

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The cyber physical system is defined as a mechanical mechanism which is organized by computational units that work in collaborative manner, specifically, actuators and sensors which capture data from a specific process and control its parameters following the set of defined guidelines, hence accomplishing an interaction between the computational and physical apparatuses (Misra et al., 2013). These mechanisms have been integrated deeply in critical infrastructures such as transport, energy and commonly in all industrialized control systems for many decades. The primary objective of achieving resilient, self-adaptable, and intelligent machines in this framework has been relieved in recent centuries by the increasing reasonability of sensors and the swift development of innovative communication protocols and networks. It has resulted in the constant generation of higher data volumes and integrated with information technology (Chen et al., 2012).


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