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Clinical Characteristics and Management of Divergence Insufficiency Esotropia Review Article

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Dr. Ali Riaz 1 and Dr. Saba Kaynat2

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Though the divergence insufficiency esotropia disorder was explained as primary as 1886 by
Duane, however it has got comparatively higher consideration in later literatures. Patients
demonstrating with higher deviations at distance as compared to near, an associated deviation,
and diplopia impose a critical and challenging therapeutic and diagnostic mystery for the optical
clinicians. Divergence insufficiency esotropia, a benign complaint, should be distinguished from
other multiple divergence ailments and conditions which existent with slightly comparable signs
and symptoms yet have core etiologies of a severe nature. The current review study has been
designed to make a literature exploration and clarified the diagnostics, etiology, epidemiology,
clinical characteristics and management strategies of divergence insufficiency and regarding set
of affair


Divergence Insufficiency Esotropia, Optical Disorders, Eye Complaints

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