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Evaluation of the Relationship between Obesity and Life Satisfaction among Male and Female Students of Pakistan

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Hira Hanif¹

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The study intends to explore the relationship between Obesity and life satisfaction among male and female students. The sample of present study was 400 comprises of both male and female (200 each) and explored their respective demographics. The study is located at Faisalabad. The Instrument used to access the life satisfaction and Obesity was the life Satisfaction Scale and BMI of the participants respectively.  Data was analyzed using different statistical techniques including repeated measures ANOVA and Univariate analysis, correlations along with basic descriptive. It was found that there is Negative correlation present between obesity and life satisfaction in students. Additionally, there is a negative correlation between age and marital status whereas there is a positive correlation between age and BMI. Additionally, the correlation analysis established a stronger negative association between Body Mass Index and Marital Status. The relationship between married status and life satisfaction is favorable but not very substantial. Results have demonstrated that there is a substantial relationship between gender, body mass index (BMI), and life satisfaction. Age, marital status, and gender are three demographic factors that have a significant influence on the degree of resilience, life satisfaction, and BMI.


Obesity, Life satisfaction, Male, female, Students

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