Scandic Journal of Advanced Research and Reviews
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Scandic journal of Advanced Research and Reviews


Scandic journal of Advanced Research and Reviews (SJARR) is an international, open access, online, peer-reviewed and monthly publishing journal in all fields of Life Sciences, Health Science and Engineering and Social Science and Humanities on the basis of its originality, importance, interdisciplinary interest, timeliness, accessibility, elegance and surprising conclusions. SJARRR aims to promote rapid communication and exchange between the World as well as other Research Scholars, Universities and academic institutions. It mainly reflects the latest advances being made in many disciplines of scientific research in universities and academic institutions. The journal also publishes papers presented at conferences worldwide. The multi-disciplinary nature of SJARR is apparent in the wide range of articles from leading Research scholars. This journal also aims to introduce to provide help to authors to publish their papers in a convenient way and spread their research worldwide.

Scandic Journal Of Advanced Research And Reviews(SJARR)

Journal Name Scandic journal of Advanced Research and Reviews
Abbreviation SJARR
Journal Start Year 2021


  ISSN (NORWAY)     2703-965X


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Subject Social sciences and Biological sciences
Country NORWAY (NO)
Publisher SJARR Publisher
A Secure And International
A pride of Norway
Journal Monthly publication
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