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Determinition of Bone Strength by Using Procollagen Type 1 N-Terminal Propeptide (P1NP) as a Predictive Marker in Native Population of Pakistan.

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Nasima Zafar¹, Sana Mahmood², Seema Zafar³, Shariq Ahmed Hafiz⁴, Furqan Ahmed⁵ and Danish Hassan Qaiser⁶

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Due to better health facilities, food and living facilities the life expectancy is increasing which is leading towards Osteopenia and Osteoporosis in the whole world. Despites of its prevalence it is ignored in Pakistan due to which it is causing a burden on Pakistan economy. It is therefore necessary to find some suitable methods for the quick identification of the problems so that people will be safe from the cost of treatment of the fractured bones and they are treated before going to worse situation. Vigorous physical activity in adults have a great impact bone mass and bone turnover. The effects of moderate activity (physical) remain tentative. Bone formation marker propertied of type 1 Procollagen (P1NP) is related to physical activity and its levels. The relationship between P1NP and physical activity remained significant after the adjustment of data by two factors, age and BMI (body mass index).  In Pakistan, use of P1NP for the early identification of bone strength is not implemented yet.


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