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Impact of MDCAT Scores on Pessimism, Loneliness, and Depressive Symptoms: Moderating Role of Coping Strategies

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Iram Fatima1 , Muhammad Waqar Naeem2 , Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Raza3

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This study was designed to evaluate the impact of MDCAT scores on pessimism, loneliness,
and depressive symptoms. Furthermore, to check the moderating effect of coping strategies.
Purposive sample technique was used to get the relevant sample. MDCAT failures (N = 149)
from different educational organization of Bahawalpur (Pakistan) were included in the
research as sample. Demographic form, Siddiqui Shah Depression Scale, UCLA Loneliness
Scale, Life Orientation Test and Coping Styles Scale were administered to assess the impact
of MDCAT scores on pessimism, depressive and loneliness symptoms among MDCAT
failures and to assess the moderating role of coping strategies. For statistical analysis PLS
and SPSS software were used. PLS algorithm, PLS bootstrapping, PLS moderation analysis
and independent sample t-test were used to get the results. Results reveal that there is a
significant impact of MDCAT scores on pessimism, depressive and loneliness symptoms.
Also, there is significant positive relationship among pessimism, depressive and loneliness
symptoms. Problem focused coping significantly moderate the relationship between MDCAT
scores and depressive symptoms. Furthermore, problem focused coping has significant
negative relationship with pessimism, depressive and loneliness symptoms. Moreover,
emotion focused coping has significant positive relationship with depressive symptoms.
Female were found having more emotion focused coping. The findings of the study have
practical implications in providing insight relevant for development of psychological
disturbance in MDCAT failures.
Keywords: MDCAT score, Pessimism, Loneliness, Depressive, Medical Students


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