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Nedre prinsdal vei 143, 1263 Oslo, Norway

Issue 1 (December 2021)

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

Submission : up to 29th April

Editorial decision: 48 hrs

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Iram Fatima1 , Muhammad Waqar Naeem2 , Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Raza3

1. Ayesha Nayyab, Advocate High Court, Muhammad Waqar Naeem, Department of Law Islamia University BahawalPur

Dr. Jabeen Atta1 , Dr. Zubair Yousfani 2 , Dr. Khenpal Das 3 , Dr. Ghullamullah Rind 4 Dr saba kaynat 5

Dr. Zubair Ahmad Yousfani1 , Dr. Jabeen Atta2 , Dr. Khenpal Das3 , Dr. Ghullamullah Rind4 , Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Raza5

Dr. Jabeen Atta1, Dr. Zubair Ahmad Yousfani 2, Dr. Khenpal Das 3, Dr. Ghullamullah Rind 4