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Countries Relation and Its Effect on Regional Politics; A Comparative Review

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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Muhammad Waqar Naeem,1 Anum Atta 2 Hafiz Muhammad Zeeshan Raza3

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Numerous ups and down has been observed in the relations between Pakistan and Russia. Their
history is full of having virtuous associations as well as bitter memories among themselves.
However, Russia is economically developed and a resource strong country while Pakistan is still
struggling hard to cover the success staircase. However, upright associations between Russia and
Pakistan can open a window of mutual benefits for Pakistan as well as for Russia. Russia is selfsufficient in energy resources such as oil and gas while Pakistan is energy deficit country.
Therefore, after smoothing the internal relations between Pakistan and Russia a milestone can be
covered exporting the Russian gas and oil to the Pakistan. Similarly, Pakistan is sanctified with
the globally excellent military power and Russia can learn a lot to eliminate the terrorism and
other relating dangers. Therefore, good sort of associations between Russia and Pakistan can
revolutionize the regional politics of both countries.


Pak-Russia Relations, Russia-Pak regional policies, Pak-Russian politics, Pak-Russian Collaborations

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