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Petrological, Geochemical and Mechanical Characteristics of Afghan White Marble

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Vol. 2, Issue 6, MAY 2022

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1, Prof. Abdul Bari Qanit 2, Prof.Khairuddin 3, Prof. Ziarahman Alem 4, Hamid Zaheer 5, Abdulhaq salih ,6 Ahmad Faham Bawry 7, Usman Amin 8, Safi Ullah 9, Sohaib Nadir 10, UlfatUllah Noori

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The aim of this article is to examine the Geological, Geochemical, Mineralogical, and Physical-Mechanical
characteristic of Afghan White Marble deposit in Nangahar province Afghanistan. The objective of the article
includes information about the value, quantity & quality of the marble mine. In addition, this study summarizes
information related to the marble mining methods, Processing and production tools technologies used for
extracting of Marble in Afghanistan.
To achieve, the aim of the research, library, field and Laboratory methods have been used. The library result shows
the general information related to Geology, Tectonic and Magmatic of the study areas. A fieldwork was conducted
in the study area and appropriate measurements i.e. Geographical location and reserve estimation were taken and
also 10 sample of marble were collected from the mine of Ghondy n Mamakhail for lab analyses. The collected
samples were analyzed by using different analytical methods such as XRF, Electron polarizing microscope
and mechanical tests such as compressive strength, specific gravity, absorption, and unit weight. ASTM standard is
used to interpret and compare the results from the above mechanical analyses.
The XRF and microscopic analyses show that the marble from Nangrhar Province Shirzad district Kodikhel have
dolomite composition. The results from different mechanical and physical tests showed that these marbles have high consistency against any types of applied pressure, and have high value, which can be used in various
construction’s affairs. In Summary, you need to focus on the results and interpretation of those analyses.


: Marble, Jalalabad, Kodikhel, Afghan White, Spinghar Complex

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